The Non-Cubans

The Non-Cubans


Product of the Dominican Republic, the Macanudo is a rich, dark and full-bodied brand of hand-rolled cigar with impressive construction and a fine, smooth draw. The medium bouquet blends aromas of sweet, spicy and bitter with ample smoke and an even burn from start to close. Definitely worth your attention. View cigars »

La Aurora

For more than a century the Dominican La Aurora Cigar Company has been producing some of the world’s finest cigars. With a wide range of shapes, flavours and sizes, La Aurora has the perfect cigar for every occasion. Mild-to-medium bodied, this brand offers a premium blend of Dominican tobaccos wrapped skillfully in select African Cameroon leaves.

Leon Jiminez

A very distinctive line of Dominican cigars. Delicious mild-tasting tobacco with an easy draw and impeccable aromatic balance make this a great stick that’s in very high-demand among the new generation of smokers.

Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel is leading the new wave of young, forward-thinking cigar makers who are dedicated to reviving the art of smoking. Crafted with supreme construction and a traditional look-and-feel, Rocky Patels are known for their near-perfect smoking qualities with an innovative, modern approach to making rich and full-flavoured cigars.


Respected and revered in the cigar industry as a high-quality, complex cigar with flavours enriched by the well-documented struggles of the Padron family (which happen to include kidnappings and bombings). Padron handles every aspect of their business––from production to distribution––producing a killer final product that always is up to puff. Get it. View cigars »


Founded in 1968 this brand cigars has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship. From using Cameroon wrappers with Ecuadorian filler, to going to great lengths to attain rare Brazilian tobacco, CAO is an avant-garde stick that will put a rich, original flavoured exclamation mark on any celebration or special event.


The Torano family makes its cigars in Honduras and Nicaragua, pumping out close to 20 million premium-grade sticks a year. A true legend in the cigar world, Torano is hailed for its flavourful body, expert construction and smooth-burning smoke experience.


This premium brand of cigars is offered in six unique blends of cigar leaves and aging periods. Notorious for its strict quality control measures, Ashton cigars are some of the most masterfully constructed on the market today. A great cigar to call on any day of the week.


These Dominican legends are handmade at Tablacalera de Garcia. Crafted with a dynamic mix of Honduran tobaccos tightly bound in Indonesian shade-grown binders, then rolled in Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. Enjoy the generous amounts of smoke infused with wood, nut and sweet cream. Flat-out bombastic.

Arturo Fuente

A scrupulously constructed brand of cigars that are flawless in every respect. Well-rounded medium flavours with a great draw, even-cadenced burn and delicious mellow finish. Introduce yourself to the Fuente method today.

Fuente Opus X

The hardest-to-find, most premium of the premium cigars. An elusive, high-demand stick in scarce supply. Created by Carlos Fuente Jr. for his own personal stash, these 100% Dominican vintage Cuban-seeded cigars are in a class all of their own. Rare air for the rudest smokers on the planet. That’s just how we roll.

Garcia & Garcia My Father

Soft and smooth, though not oily, these triple-capped cigars are a very new addition to the international cigar market having been released only in 2008. Named the best new cigar of 2009 by Cigar Aficionado, and receiving a remarkably high rating of 94, this line has veered from the tradition of cigar legend Don Pepin (strong peppery wrappers from Nicaragua) in place of milder and fruitier Ecuadorian tobaccos. With a smooth even burn and firm draw, these new smokes are sure to make a name for themselves.