We also carry pipes by…

We also carry pipes by…


The originator of the triangular balsa filter, Savinelli uses only the finest grades of Sardinian and Corsican briarwood in the design and manufacturing of its pipes. They come in a range of both classic and modern shapes.


These pipes are modern masterpieces infused with the signature automative design genius that has made Porsche what it is today. Porsche pipes feature many different cutting-edge options, such as aluminum bowl-rings and cooling fins.


A classic line of Italian pipes known for their stylized design, high quality construction, smooth-smoking qualities and affordability.


Nording is a Danish manufacturer of outstanding briarwood pipes. They smoke beautifully, and come in an assortment of different finishes.


This great French manufacturer is known the world over for its innovation in pipe design and finishes. If you want a truly stunning and unique look, this is the right brand to suss out.


Winslow pipes are crafted with a keen, artistic eye, sculpted with impeccable skill, and presented in vibrant colours with stylized accents on the shanks. A great pipe for today’s modern smoker.


The Falcon pipe is manufacture with the special ‘Falcon System’, which is an ingenious combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. Their system results in a cooler, smoother and cleaner smoke experienced through a light aluminum stem. They also come with and assortment of interchangeable briarwood bowls.


This is a unique line of block pipes carved from a soft white mineral called sepiolite, sometimes found floating on the Black Sea. These imposing looking pipes even change colour gradually as you smoke them over time. For a truly unique and old school smoking experience.

Big Ben

Ask a pipe smoker after his first tobacco pipe and there’s a good chance that the answer will be “Big Ben”. The same answer is often given to the question what his favourite pipe nowadays is! This clearly shows the popularity of Big Ben pipes. From classical shape to modern and even trendy, all Big Ben pipes are characterized by their excellent quality and innovative models which are popular all over the world.