About Us


E.A. Morris Tobacconist was established in 1892 on its present site in Victoria, British Columbia, and is one of the last remaining examples of pure high society in the city. As one of Canada’s oldest tobacconists it serves as a rare example of the early days of twentieth century retail in North America.

As you pass through the Alabaster archway into the store you can glance overhead at the fine examples of leaded glass that dome the entranceway. The interior, comprised primarily of mahogany, marble and onyx, was completed in 1910 and offers the environment a quaint air of “High Victorian” well suited to the typical patrons of this unique specialty shop.

The Electrolier that stands in the center of the store was crafted from a rare Mexican Onyx and is the last functioning model of its kind in the world. Purchased in 1910 for 250.00 dollars it is now a priceless piece of this beautiful city’s history.